Stone Tower Studio
Begun in the year 2010, consists in high quality artists from Argentina.
They evolve in professional comics and illustrations. We make everything related: thumbnails, pencils, inks, colors, lettering, scripts, concept art, character designs, among others.
The diversity of styles allows us working for independent writers, freelancers, etc.
Feel free to take a look at the Portfolios from each artist if you are interested for a particular project. Please contact us for further information, comments or suggestions as well.

-"Katrina Hates Dead Shit" - http://katrina.upsidedownsquare.net/
-"LUNA" - Famous Monsters - http://www.captainco.com/products/luna2
-"Rock Paper Scissors" - http://www.atomicrexentertainment.com/
-"Animal Control, Special Creatures Unit" - http://www.pandadogpress.com/
-"Legends of the Night: Mythos"http://www.legendsofthenight.com/
-"The Hidden Treasure" - http://www.the-hidden-treasure.com/
-"Excendor" - Dakota Gadel - Chameleon Studios